Wednesday, March 09, 2011

How to get SharePoint 2010 people search to work together with FAST Search 2010

If you install FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint you will notice that you get some extra service applications – a FAST Query Search Service Application and a FAST Content Search Service Application. The people search is actually handled by the FAST Query Search Service Application – so this is where you need to do some extra configurations:

  • Go to Central Admin and click Manage Service Applications > Select the FAST Query Search Service App and click Manage in the Ribbon)
  • Create a new crawl rule:
      • Path http://[servername];sps3://[servername]
      • Crawl configuration : Include all items in this path - crawl SharePoint content as http pages
      • Specify authentication: Use the default content access account
  • Content sources - Make sure that both http://[servername] and sps3://[servername] are listed in the content source listing.
  • Configure security on the User Profile Service Application. Go to Central Admin and click Manage Service Applications > Select the User Profile Service Application and click Administrators in the ribbon. Make sure that you add the default content access account in this screen and give it at least permission to "Retrieve People Data for Search Crawlers".

Excel 2010 and SharePoint 2010 on a single box demo environment–the Excel file is corrupt using edit in Excel

A typical SharePoint 2010 demo environment has everything installed on a single machine (Office 2010, SharePoint, etc…). Unfortunately this has some side effects – one of the things you might encounter is the fact that it seems that Excel integration does not work correctly anymore. Every time I uploaded an Excel document to SharePoint 2010 and tried opening it using the Edit in Excel option – I got an error stating that the file was corrupt.

Luckily I knew this had something to do with theTrust Center settings. Go to File Options > Trust Center. Next click the Trust Center Settings button. On the new screen which popups – go to Protected View and unselect all the three protected view options displayed on the top of this settings page.

Close Excel and try the “Edit in Excel” option again …

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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Installing client side TFS certificate on Windows 7

Apparently with Windows 7 you can’t simply use the wizard to import the client certificates for Team Foundation Server connections. You will need to do this manually.

Open Internet Explorer and go to Internet Options. Select Content and next the Certificates tab. Select Trusted Root Certification authorities when importing the certificate.