Sunday, July 31, 2005


I just tried out Talk Digger - nice web page which can show people who are linking to you. Wicked...

Friday, July 29, 2005

SharePoint DevKickStart

A while ago Mike Fitzmaurice pointed to a great resource on GotDotNet, SharePoint DevKick Start. I first took a look at it last week, but could not get it working - I always got this error in the post build step

C:\WSS Developer Project KickStart\SiteDefinitionQuickStart\Contoso.SharePoint\SiteDefinitions\Contoso-STS\,4):
Invalid element . Unknown task or datatype.

Thanks to Kris Syverstadt for making clear that you also need to download the SharePoint Nant tasks to get it working.

Summary of required downloads for SharePoint DevKick Start:
  • NAnt 0.85 rc3

  • NUnit 2.2 latest stable version

  • SharePoint DevKick Start

  • SharePoint Nant Tasks

  • Wednesday, July 27, 2005

    MSCMS and SharePoint architectures merging

    It seems that there is not a lot of really new news about Microsoft plans with CMS and SharePoint (See previously Rumors about CMS and SPS merging (february 2005). Although some statements have been made:
  • MS CMS and MS SharePoint Merging Architectures

  • Microsoft To Ease Integration Of SharePoint Portal, Content Management Servers

  • PS I'm actually working on a set of webparts and webservices to integrate CMS and SPS through the use of RSS feeds.
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    How to show file extensions in a SharePoint document library

    Nice tip from Fabian Moritz - how to show file extensions in a SharePoint document library (Unfortunately... it took me a while to understand "Dateierweiterungen" although Dutch and German are pretty similar) - here's a quick translation. There are actually 2 ways to show file extensions in a SharePoint document library:
  • Convert the document library listviewwebpart to a XSLT dataview - Open the documentlibrary with FrontPage, rightclick and convert to dataview. Modify the XSLT to add <xsl:value-of select="@File_x0020_Type"/>

  • Modify the display pattern in ONET.XML - add <HTML><![CDATA[.]]></HTML><Field HTMLEncode="FALSE" Name="File_x0020_Type"/> before <HTML><![CDATA[</A>]]></HTML><IfNew Name="Created_x0020_Date"> . After making a change to ONET.XML you have to do IISRESET.

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    Thursday, July 14, 2005

    Going to PDC 2005 in LA

    I get to go to PDC2005, great news especially since a lot of info will be given about the next version of SharePoint and about Office 12. Check out the full session list on the PDC site. For all of you SharePoint bloggers, leave a comment maybe we can get together in LA. It would be interesting to finally meet some people whose blog I read.


    Other people who are going:
  • Mart Muller

  • Bob Mixons list of PDCers

  • List of people going to PDC on MSBeluxForums

  • Peter Himschoot

  • PS There also is a PDC2005 blog

    Sunday, July 10, 2005

    Five things wrong about SharePoint - my 2 cents

    You probably have read the article on Informit - Five things wrong with SharePoint. The author actually states that SharePoint is a piece of crap for the following reasons:
  • It's a crappy mish-mash of multiple technologies. - Stop whining and get over it, SharePoint is web-based and therefore uses what you call "a crappy mish-mash" of technologies. The best point he actually makes is the last sentence "Good SharePoint programming practices require expert level capability in each of these areas, as SharePoint is very unforgiving, relative to undoing programming changes."

  • The development team is playing the Longhorn card - Don't think so, a lot of speculation has been going on about the next version of SharePoint, and it seems that the next version will be launched together with Office 12

  • There are two SharePoint products, which is confusing. I think he has a point here, let us spell the full names of the products in all of our writings - Windows SharePoint Services and SharePoint Portal Server.... mmm, that's quite a mouthfull... let us NOT ;-)

  • Support for SharePoint is lacking I actually like the SharePoint newsgroups on MSDN and I actually respond to quite a few questions on them. I don't think that they are better or worse than the average newsgroup. And Mike Walsh's "you are in the wrong newsgroup", does help people making the distinction between WSS and SPS. Thanks for mentionning the SharePoint bloggers - I do think that they are an invaluable source of information. Oh, and yes we do have some critique about the product (See supported and unsupported scenarios...) and have great expectations of the next version

  • Microsoft has not stated a strategic direction for SharePoint - I guess when you read between the lines you will see that this product isn't going away soon and that it will be the centerpiece in Microsoft collaboration strategy for the coming years.

  • Other bloggers who have commented about it:
  • Things wrong about five things wrong about SharePoint (Paul Schaeflein)

  • RE: Things Wrong about "Five Things Wrong With SharePoint"

  • Mike Drip is getting slammed over his SharePoint slam article

  • Mr. Drips, please call 732-5489

  • Mike Drip's entertaining article on "SharePoint"

  • Sharepoint blogs talking about what's wrong with Sharepoint- Whow, Scoble added his opinion,...

  • Five things worth mentioning

  • Ed Brills (IBM) opionion about how SharePoint bloggers react to the original article.

  • Only Five Things Wrong with SharePoint

  • Right/Wrong conversation update (Paul Schaefleins synopsis)

  • SharePoint - Vision Not Included

  • Thread de la semaine

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    SharePoint and AJAX

    I was planning on writing something about AJAX and SharePoint but it seems that Angus beat me to it... interesting tip of how to use SharePoint and AJAX

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    SharePoint alerts not send when content is changed

    A while ago I wrote a posting SharePoint alerts not send by e-mail, this Microsoft KB points to another cause,, You do not receive e-mail notifications after you configure an alert to notify you when Web site content is changed in SharePoint Portal Server 2003 or in Windows SharePoint Services.

    Friday, July 08, 2005

    First glimpse of Office 12

    Read Microsoft offers a first glimp of Office 12... I especially like this sentence:
    "Chris Caposella, a corporate vice president with Microsoft's Information Worker Product Management Group, offered a brief demonstration of a distributed forms capability designed to help users submit XML-based forms using only a browser. Users can submit forms without the need to have Microsoft's InfoPath present on their system, and will have the ability to share the form through e-mail."

    More info:
  • Microsoft Reveals New Longhorn, Office 12 Features

  • Microsoft Sketches Scenarios for Office 12

  • Office 12 gets a new look

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    Tuesday, July 05, 2005

    Live Communication Server 2005 and Office Communicator 2005 - web based instant messaging

    I found an interesting series of links on this blog - Simplicité - la présence bientôt disponible au travers d'un client web - for non-french speaking people, it talks about how Microsoft will web-enable Office Communicator. Office communicator is the front-end for Live Communication Server 2005 - there is an interesting posting on Channel9 about Office communicator. Definitely take a look at,
  • Microsoft preps Web front-end to IM server

  • Office Communicator 2005 IM to be web based

  • Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2005 with Service Pack 1 Capacity Planning Toolkit

  • Live Communications Server 2005 with Service Pack 1 Resource Kit

  • For more links check out Simplicité - la présence bientôt disponible au travers d'un client web

    SharePoint Tools Galore v3 updated

    I got some feedback from 3d party vendors of SharePoint solutions, so I added them to the list - go check them out Metalogix , ActiveSPS Workflow Solutions and Ontolica

    SharePoint,Office 2003 and CMS blogroll

    Underneath is a listing of all blogs about SharePoint, Office 2003 and MSCMS I'm currently tracking - thanks to Bloglines for providing this nice feature to share my blogroll...