Friday, July 29, 2005

SharePoint DevKickStart

A while ago Mike Fitzmaurice pointed to a great resource on GotDotNet, SharePoint DevKick Start. I first took a look at it last week, but could not get it working - I always got this error in the post build step

C:\WSS Developer Project KickStart\SiteDefinitionQuickStart\Contoso.SharePoint\SiteDefinitions\Contoso-STS\,4):
Invalid element . Unknown task or datatype.

Thanks to Kris Syverstadt for making clear that you also need to download the SharePoint Nant tasks to get it working.

Summary of required downloads for SharePoint DevKick Start:
  • NAnt 0.85 rc3

  • NUnit 2.2 latest stable version

  • SharePoint DevKick Start

  • SharePoint Nant Tasks

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