Sunday, July 10, 2005

Five things wrong about SharePoint - my 2 cents

You probably have read the article on Informit - Five things wrong with SharePoint. The author actually states that SharePoint is a piece of crap for the following reasons:
  • It's a crappy mish-mash of multiple technologies. - Stop whining and get over it, SharePoint is web-based and therefore uses what you call "a crappy mish-mash" of technologies. The best point he actually makes is the last sentence "Good SharePoint programming practices require expert level capability in each of these areas, as SharePoint is very unforgiving, relative to undoing programming changes."

  • The development team is playing the Longhorn card - Don't think so, a lot of speculation has been going on about the next version of SharePoint, and it seems that the next version will be launched together with Office 12

  • There are two SharePoint products, which is confusing. I think he has a point here, let us spell the full names of the products in all of our writings - Windows SharePoint Services and SharePoint Portal Server.... mmm, that's quite a mouthfull... let us NOT ;-)

  • Support for SharePoint is lacking I actually like the SharePoint newsgroups on MSDN and I actually respond to quite a few questions on them. I don't think that they are better or worse than the average newsgroup. And Mike Walsh's "you are in the wrong newsgroup", does help people making the distinction between WSS and SPS. Thanks for mentionning the SharePoint bloggers - I do think that they are an invaluable source of information. Oh, and yes we do have some critique about the product (See supported and unsupported scenarios...) and have great expectations of the next version

  • Microsoft has not stated a strategic direction for SharePoint - I guess when you read between the lines you will see that this product isn't going away soon and that it will be the centerpiece in Microsoft collaboration strategy for the coming years.

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