Wednesday, August 31, 2005

InfoJet EditPart 1.1 - edit InfoPath forms in SharePoint

I found this very recently InfoJet EditPart 1.1. I haven't tried it yet but I do think it uses a pretty weird configuration. InfoJet EditPart is a SharePoint webpart butit requires an install of InfoJet Service (which is not free - more pricing info here). InfoJet Service is a Java class library for publishing InfoPath forms to the web - it uses Tomcat 4.1.3, Resin 3.0.6, OC4J 10.1.2, WebLogic Server 8.1 or WebSphere 5.1 as platform. Does anybody have experience with this product?

Blogging and attending PDC

If you are a blogger and you are attending PDC as well, take some time to register at PDCBloggers.Net. I just did ...

Sunday, August 28, 2005

SharePoint Tools Galore v4

Time for another update of the SharePoint and MCMS tools Galore list, version 4 here it comes....

SharePoint toolsuites
  • Coras workplace suiteSuite with
    rollup webparts (for news,documents,tasks,...), navigation controls and full language localization (This is way cool...)

  • Syntergy Provide lots of modules such as
    replication technologies for SharePoint, bulkloader, audit for SharePoint,...

  • Tools for SharePoint from - contains Pocket Portal,
    My Team OrgChart WebPart, Bulk upload

  • Search
  • Entopia K-Bus for SharePoint Portal Server: Adds extra information discovery capabilities, also allows
    SharePoint to index Documentum, Opentext,...

  • WSS PowerSearch - The developers ofthis product also have
    some other nice SharePoint tools, check out PowerRecycle and PowerNav

  • Behaviortracking from Mondosearch

  • Coveo SharePoint search

  • SharePoint Advanced Search Tools (Gotdotnet)

  • Ontolica - enhanced search interface for the SPS search engine

  • SharePoint word breaker update

  • MCMS (Microsoft Content Management Server)
  • MCMS Manager 3.0

  • Telerik RAD controls for MCMS

  • Backup/Data Recovery/Antivirus
  • SharePoint document recovery tool : Free download from Stephane Cordonnier

  • McAfee Portal Shield Antivirus solution

  • AVG SharePoint Server Edition web site Antivirus solution

  • Sybari Antigen for SharePoint

  • TrendMicro PortalProtect Antivirus solution

  • Workflow
  • NetPoint Solutions

  • Factiva:Search and workflow tools for Office 2003

  • Captaris Teamplate: This workflow toolset even adds a module for fax based workflow "RightFax Workflow wizard

  • Skelta workflow .Net

  • K2.Net

  • Nintex smartlibrary

  • Smart workflow from LMR Solutions

  • DataLan FlowBuilder

  • ActiveSPS Workflow Solutions

  • Document, Records and Digital Assets Management
  • Meridio: .Net software which integrates seamlessly into SharePoint and provides records management
    features needed to be compliant with standards such as Sarbanes-Oxley, US DOD 5015.2 records management standards,...

  • Towersoft

  • Wisdom

  • Mobius

  • Equilibrium MediaRich for SharePoint- digital asset management (DAM) solution to Microsoft Office Systems 2003.

  • Workshare Professional -Secure document compliance

  • Utilities & developer tools
  • SharePoint Explorer : another free tool which you can use to explore the SharePoint object model

  • Admin report kit for SPS 2003: configuration and usage reporting tool for SPS 2003

  • SharePoint site permission manager (Gotdotnet)

  • SharePoint explorer for VS.Net

  • BlueDogLimited Webpart Tool Kit

  • CAML Query Builder (U2U)

  • SharePoint Configuration analyzer

  • CAMLViewer 1.0 (Stramit)

  • James Milne's SharePoint CSS Skinner

  • Office Web Components

  • RSS Feed for SharePoint Lists (U2U)

  • SharePoint Import Export tools (Gotdotnet)

  • SPS Portal 2003 Search Web Service Tester

  • Windows SharePoint Services: Usage Blob Parser

  • Metalogix - Migration tools for SharePoint and MCMS

  • ViewPoint - SharePoint navigation and modeling tool

  • SharePoint Utility Suite Release 2 and SPSiteManager 1.1
  • SMove for SharePoint

  • SharePoint analyzer - Gathers information about a SharePoint configuration - Created by Mike McIntyre, an Escalation Engineer in PSS, and is used extensively by PSS in troubleshooting customer issues
  • SharePoint Explorer (IE Addin)

  • InfoPath
  • CaveDigital XML Form WebPreviewer Web Part- allows users without InfoPath to view the contents of forms on their web browser.

  • AchieveForms

  • InfoView

  • NetXPert InfoScope

  • InfoJet EditPart for SharePointEdit your InfoPath forms from within your browser

  • WebParts
  • Acar Learning Technologies - Poll webpart for SharePoint, Quiz webpart for SharePoint

  • CSEG Rollup webpart

  • FluidNature image webpart

  • Calendar webpart

  • My ChangePasswordControl Webpart for Sharepoint

  • Office Live meeting webparts

  • Cave Digtal XML Form webprevriewer webpart

  • SharePoint FAV 1.1

  • High availability & replication
  • Neverfail for SharePoint- Replication, switchover, failover and switchback for SharePoint

  • DoubleTake

  • Echo for SharePoint

    Business Intelligence & Reporting
  • DSP Portal Edition : Adds webparts which can display information from OLAP cubes

  • Omnisys Power Gauge - displays measurements based on various types of data sources, using dynamic and configurable gauges.

  • Crystal Reports SPS integration kit

  • BI Portal

  • SQL Server 2000 report pack for SPS

  • Miscellaneous
  • Brightwork: adds MSF (Microsoft Solution Framework) on top of SharePoint

  • Ratings & expert module for SharePoint

  • K-Wise - Migration tools

  • Factiva Modules to integrate news sources into your WSS/SPS (Factiva is a Dow Jones & Reuters company)

  • Advis site navigator Navigation and UI enhancements

  • Omnisys Probability Impact Matrix webpart - based on WSS risk list from Project Server 2003

  • CAHSAL ecKnowledge

  • KnowledgeLake Connect

  • Offline/Mobile Portal capabilities
  • Digilink revelation Lets mobile users synchronise offline information with SPS and WSS

  • IORA Another solution for offline SharePoint usage

  • Groove - software firm that Microsoft acquired a couple of months ago, they sell amongst other Mobile workspace for SharePoint

  • BerryPoint - Adapts SharePoint for display on Blackberry

  • Saturday, August 27, 2005

    Link cleanup

    I just cleaned up some of the links I pasted in my OneNote - here's a list with some of them which are definitely worth a visit:
  • SharePoint BlogSearch

  • InfoPathDev

  • SharePoint Workflow libraries (Gotdotnet)

  • IISADMPWD Virtual Directory Is Not Created During a Default Install of IIS 6.0

  • On transforming WordML to HTML again

  • VS.Net Teamsystem presentations

  • Creating a serialization library for sharepoint lists using generics

  • How to provide self-service password management for SharePoint

  • Building webparts in ASP.Net 2.0

  • Ajax was here - autocomplete textbox

  • Preview of WSS templates

  • 3-part article about CSS showcases

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    GDI+ FAQ

    A couple of days ago I had to write some code to page through multipage tiff files - luckily I found the answers I needed on the GDI+ FAQ from Bob Powell. He also has a XML feed to which you can subscribe.

    GDI+ is the graphics system most often associated with Windows Forms and is a more modern replacement for GDI. This frequently asked questions list contains articles and code that will help you to understand the ins and outs of GDI+.
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    Wednesday, August 24, 2005

    BIWUG - Benelux Information Worker User Group

    Quite an impressive showup yesterday at the first meeting of BIWUG - here are some of them with their blogs....
  • Jan Tielens

  • Patrick Tisseghem

  • Hannes Decorte

  • David Bosschmans

  • ... and many more. Weird enough not everyone seems to have a blog ;-)

    The overall goal of the BIWUG is to provide the IW community in Belgium and Luxemburg with the necessary infrastructure and organization to enable a community meeting point for everybody who is interested in Microsoft?s Information Worker technology. A lot of community activities are happening already in Belux in the context of blogs, informal meetings, events organized by Microsoft or partners. BIWUG wants to formalize these activities and become the single point of entry for the Belux IW community to the outside world.

    For more info, check out the (temporary) SharePoint site, where you can read a lot more about the things we are planning to do. You can also vote about the new logo. If you are interested do not hesitate to subscribe.

    Tuesday, August 16, 2005

    Drag&drop from Outlook 2003 to SharePoint 2003 document library

    If you switch a SharePoint document library to explorer view, you can take an email from within Outlook 2003 and drag & drop it immediately inside the document library. There are however some things to watch out for:
  • The file name will be based on the subject in the e-mail message, so if this contains invalid characters you will receive an error

  • I have only seen it working on clients with Windows XP SP2 with Outlook 2003 SP1 - we tried it on a Windows 2000 Professional which also had Outlook 2003 SP1 and this did not work

  • Make sure the WebClient service is running on the client

  • Does anybody have more experience with it or can anybody explain why it doesn't work on the Windows 2000...

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    Monday, August 15, 2005

    Error loading image in picturebox

    I got a most peculiar error last week when running a C# Windows forms project. This project contained a windows form with a picturebox for which I changed the image property to a specific image file. The error was triggered by this line this.pictureBox1.Image = ((System.Drawing.Image)(resources.GetObject("pictureBox1.Image"))); and said
    "Additional information: Could not find any resources appropriate for the specified culture ( or the netrual culture ) in the given assembly. Make sure PortalCreator.resources was correctly embedded or linked in to thassembly Dolmen.SharePoint.Tools.PortalCreator"

    The problem seemed to be caused because I defined an enum in the code file before the PortalCreator class. This caused the wizard generated code in InitializeComponent() to fail. So always make the form class the first class in the file.

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    Add MSN Messenger presence within your blog

    This is a very cool tip from Mark Kruger - Add MSN Messenger Presence Within Your Blog or Any Plain HTML Page
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    Thursday, August 11, 2005

    Using FrontPage RPCs and SharePoint

    If you really want to learn about FrontPage Server Extensions RPCs and SharePoint, you should take a look at the code for SharePad on GotDotnet. I have used it in a project and have extended it a little bit. This is definitely an excellent resource for everybody. Underneath is the code I added to create a folder in a SharePoint document library.

    /// <summary>

    /// Creates a folder in a document library, if the folder already exists no error occurs

    /// </summary>

    /// <param name="destinationUri"></param>

    /// <param name="sFolderName"></param>

    public void CreateUrlDirectory(string destinationUri, string sFolderName)


    WebUrl webUrl = UrlToWebUrl(destinationUri);


    System.Collections.Specialized.NameValueCollection methodData = new System.Collections.Specialized.NameValueCollection();


    // Add general request to stream

    methodData.Add("method","create url-directory:" + GetServerExtensionsVersion(webUrl.SiteUrl));


    //e.g. postin/demosubfolder creates demosubfolder in documentlibrary postin

    //parentfolders have to exist before creating a child folder




    HttpWebRequest req = StartWebRequest(GetAuthorURL(webUrl.SiteUrl), methodData);

    System.IO.Stream reqStream = req.GetRequestStream();




    HttpWebResponse response = (HttpWebResponse)req.GetResponse();

    string sResponseString = GetResponseString(response);






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    Wednesday, August 10, 2005

    New SharePoint blog postings

    A short overview of new SharePoint related blog postings:
  • Custom Search Results

  • Using Ajax.NET under SharePoint (doesn't play by default)

  • Will Windows SharePoint Services Work With SQL Server 2005? Yes it will ...

  • Podcast on SharePoint Advisor Live Conference

  • Options for Aggregating Sharepoint Sub-site content

  • Connected Page Viewer Web Part

  • Create multiple lists on a WSS site using the ONET.XML template

  • Use IRuntimeFilter to Show and Hide WebParts

  • How to: Size / Maximize a multiline TextBox in a WebPart

  • Create multiple lists on a WSS site using the ONET.XML template

  • Enable Breadcrumb Navigation in SharePoint

  • How to: Programatically add a history item in an issue list

  • SharePoint URL Quick List

  • Custom Menus (not just Menu Items) in SharePoint

  • Add a Custom List to SharePoint - a foray into CAML

  • SharePoint CAML Schema definition (Gotdotnet)

  • Applications for Windows SharePoint Services

  • [SharePoint Tip] How to get rid of the '!New' tag in SharePoint

  • Google webpart (Tool)

  • Document library Browser 1.2

  • MCMS apppool recycling, SPARK and operations

  • CSEGSearch webpart (Tool)

  • Knowledgelake connect (Tool)

  • Teched SharePoint sessions

  • Using iWay adapters for BizTalk to enable SharePoint integration
  • Biztalk WSS adapter

  • SharePoint NewItem, Upload form0 and pre-setting values through JavaScript.

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    Full Source - Internet Explorer extension

    I got a nice tip from a real SharePoint guru, Benoit (Definitely check out his site Citeknet, he wrote some cool iFilters). This is something usefull when doing SharePoint development:

    Full Source is an Internet Explorer menu extension which displays the source Internet Explorer is displaying, directly from the Internet Explorer object model. This is useful wherever javascript is dynamically writing HTML into the DOM, or where XSLT has been used to generate HTML. Download it
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    Thursday, August 04, 2005

    Corporate blogging

    Interesting audio report about corporate blogging - featuring blog celebs such as Scoble and Chris Pirillo

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    SharePoint Site Directory listing

    Did you know that the SharePoint Site Directory is actually based on a list definition as well - just take a look at C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\60\TEMPLATE\1033\SPSSITES\LISTS\SITESLST. Well I tried hiding some of the standard fields displayed on it - Region and Division - so I modified SCHEMA.XML and changed the Hidden attribute to TRUE. And it worked the fields were not visible anymore when creating a site.

    But then I took a look at the site directory page - on the middle of this page there is a "Browse sites by"-webpart (SPSWC:BrowseSites) and this webpart still displayed the fields which were hidden - I guess this is definitely YASQ (Yet Another SharePoint Quirk... )

    Update: I decided to delete the fields from the SCHEMA.XML - but quickly noticed that this is not a good idea, ... if you delete these fields in the site definition - the "Manage Sites" webpage will not work anymore. Ain't SharePoint fun .... ;-)

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    Tuesday, August 02, 2005

    Problems with formsauthentication and sessions - check your cookies

    I had an interesting problem last week when installing an ASP.Net webapplication - this webapplications uses formsauthentication but when a user tried to login, it didn't work, he just got immediately redirected to the login page. But wait, ... it gets even weirder, the formsauthentication did work when surfing locally (with http://localhost) and also when surfing to the website with IP address. After a while I found the problem - the server had an underscore in its name and in combination with security patch MS01-55 for Internet Explorer this result in the fact that the cookies were not recognized as valid. After removing the underscore in the server name everything worked just fine.

    For more info, read;EN-US;316112
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