Wednesday, August 31, 2005

InfoJet EditPart 1.1 - edit InfoPath forms in SharePoint

I found this very recently InfoJet EditPart 1.1. I haven't tried it yet but I do think it uses a pretty weird configuration. InfoJet EditPart is a SharePoint webpart butit requires an install of InfoJet Service (which is not free - more pricing info here). InfoJet Service is a Java class library for publishing InfoPath forms to the web - it uses Tomcat 4.1.3, Resin 3.0.6, OC4J 10.1.2, WebLogic Server 8.1 or WebSphere 5.1 as platform. Does anybody have experience with this product?


Anonymous said...

As you said this config is all Java stuff in a .NET environment...wonder who will use such a set up.

That's why we use InfoView -

It's pure .NET, works with IIS and the .NET framework.

And the guys who created InfoView tell me that US Army, US DoJ, etc are using it.

Anonymous said...

oh man... you are disappointing me.. hate java.. and the combination java and infopath = very evil!

jopx said...

I send this message to some java guys I know and they were pretty excited... off course, they don't have any cool products such as sharepoint, infopath, etc ... ;-)

David said...

We are developing a .NET version of InfoJet Service.
We love Java, also .NET!