Friday, September 02, 2005

Belux Information Worker User Group (BIWUG) and PDC

BIWUG is a brand new User Group in both Belgium and Luxemburg which will focus on Information Worker Technology like Sharepoint,Office, CMS, IBF, etc... We are currently busy setting up our new site on (which will be a SharePoint site off course). If you want to find out more check out our (temporary) site -

The primary goal of the Belux Information Worker User Group (abbreviated as BIWUG) is to be a central meeting point for the Information Worker community in Belgium and Luxemburg. BIWUG members are people, technical and non-technical, who are interested in Microsoft Information Worker products and technologies. We cover the whole range of products and technologies that influence in some way or another the daily activities of the information worker. BIWUG is there to provide the members the needed organization, infrastructure and support to share their experiences, learn about products and technologies in a different way then at Microsoft organized events, seminars or trainings, discuss problems with other members or IW peers in round-the-table sessions, get product demonstrations from third-party vendors, and much more. BIWUG will be registered as an INETA user group. Read more on INETA at

The first meeting will be held on the 22th of september at Dolmen in Huizingen. One of the main topics will be what to expect in the coming months in the area of Information Worker. At Microsoft’s Professional Developer Conference 2005 in Los Angeles September we can expect a lot of new information about Office 12 and SharePoint. BIWUG will be one of the first places where you can learn more about all these new exciting things.

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