Friday, September 16, 2005

K2.Net builds on top of Windows Workflow Foundation

K2.Net will release a new version of their succesfull workflow product next year using Windows Workflow Foundation. Read the press release:

SourceCode Technology Holdings, Inc. (SCTH), a global leader for enterprise business process management software built on the .NET platform, today at the Microsoft's Professional Developers Conference in L.A., announced that, following on a year of extensive research and development and work with the Microsoft product teams, it will deliver the next version of their® product (code name "BlackPearl") on the Windows Workflow Foundation. BlackPearl is scheduled for general availability by late 2006. More about BlackPearl

The company I work, Dolmen, for is one of the K2.Net partners in the Benelux.

For more info check out my previous blogpost - Windows Workflow Foundation and SharePoint.

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Thanks for all the info from the PDC.