Wednesday, October 31, 2007

SharePoint - Branch deployment and WAN optimization

One of the choices you will have to make when setting up a SharePoint architecture where you have geopgraphically dispersed locations is  the decision between a "centralized farm setup" or "multiple farms setups" in different geopgraphic locations. If you choose for multiple farm setups you might want to take look at georeplication. I already talked about georeplication in SharePoint a couple of weeks ago but sometimes it is just more cost efficient to do a central deployment.  This will however imply that you will have sufficient network bandwidth so that you end-users in remote locations can still work efficiently.

So when you are faced with limited bandwith you want to use it as efficiently as possible. There are some different solutions out there to do network acceleration for SharePoint:


Other links:


Sunday, October 21, 2007

Porting SharePoint Designer Workflow to Visual Studio

Interesting post - Porting SharePoint Designer Workflows to Visual Studio. Has anyone tried this out?

Integrating Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Dynamics AX

I recently took a look at how you can integrate MOSS 2007 and Dynamicx AX - here's a collection of links which might be of interest:

Have fun ...

Accessibility and MOSS 2007 - the story continues

A while ago, I already stated that building a WCAG compliant site on SharePoint Server 2007 is not an easy endevaour . Fortunately,  there is some good news, Microsoft is currently working together with HiSoftWare on a "Accessibility Kit for SharePoint". For more info take a look at the AKS Portal as well as Lawrence his post - Pre-Announcing the Accessibility Kit for SharePoint.

Want to develop with SharePoint ... really?

I think that the recent flamings ( for an example take a look here) of SharePoint show you the success of this product.

I have been doing SharePoint development for over 7 years now and I must say that I'm impressed with the improvement since SPS2001.  But I must also confess that I think that the learning curve is quite steep. So what happens, those that don't make it, start to whine...

Come on whineres , listen to Eric (Flame and ye shall be flamed in return ), Tony ( I don't care if you don't want to develop on SharePoint, and neither does your boss ... ) and Bob  - take the blue pill.

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MSDN Evening - Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Employee Portal in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

I just registered for a free MSDN evening about how you can integrate your Dynamics NAV solutions with MOSS 2007 using Business Data Catalog, E-Forms, Search and Workflow.

P.S. Hey Tom, exploring integration between Dynamics AX and MOSS 2007 would be also be interesting ... :)

Monday, October 15, 2007

Is God a farmer, gardener, architect or IT Guy?

I picked this joke up from an interesting discussion about SOA - Should IT deliberately create chaos:

A farmer, an architect, a gardener and an IT guy are talking about which is the oldest profession. Now these chaps are bible literalists so they think the Garden of Eden was the start of everything.

The farmer says "Mine is the oldest profession as Adam had to tend all the animals and get all the fruit from the trees, if he wasn't a farmer he would have starved."

The gardener jumped in saying "yes but someone had to design the garden of Eden and put all the plants in place, so God must be a gardener"

"No, no" said the architect "First God had to create order and structure out of the chaos and build the universe so he must have been an architect"

"Ahhh" said the IT guy "but where did you think the chaos came from?"

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Trivia - Longest classname in SharePoint object model

I stumbled on this one when looking at the SharePoint publishing controls - SPSimpleFormattingEncodedResourceExpressionBuilder. Do you know of a SharePoint class with a longer name?

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Tip - Running Internet Explorer 7.0 with addons disabled

Sometimes you want to use Internet Explorer without any addons - to do this go to command prompt and use the next command "iexplore.exe -extoff"


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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Calculated fields in Windows SharePoint Services - common formulas

A question I got a couple of weeks ago - where can I find some examples of formulas used in SharePoint calculated fields? Well, here you go - Examples of common formulas - Windows SharePoint Services.

Reawarded MVP Windows SharePoint Services

I just got word that I got reawarded for another year as Microsoft MVP Windows SharePoint Services. For more info about the MVP Program, take a look at the MVP Executive Summary

Ultimate paintball gun

Check this out ... I want one of these next time that I try to score a paintball headshot ...


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