Wednesday, September 07, 2005

InfoView evaluation - convert InfoPath forms into pages

We recently did an evaluation of InfoView (Version 1.0, in the meanwhile a newer version has been released). InfoView is an application which converts InfoPath forms into aspx pages. This way InfoPath forms can be used without having a full InfoPath client installed. This is a very handy utitliy at least untill we will see the new InfoPath server - I expect to see a first demo at PDC

Points in favor:
  • Forms are very nicely converted, even detailed style elements such as dotted lines for mandatory fields

  • Very easy procedure to convert InfoPath forms

  • Effective solution for not to complex forms

  • Points in minus:
  • Not all controls and control properties are converted (Improved in version 2.0)

  • Script validation for controls is not converted. These scripts have to be rewritten in the aspx pages

  • Date picker loses formatting and validation (Improved in version 2.0)

  • Section: only possible to use shading for conditional formatting

  • No custom commands converted for optional sections, repeating sections or repeating tables

  • Master/detail control not supported

  • Choice group control, the default option is shown but it is not possible to switch to other options

  • This product shows promise but we will definitely need to reevaluate the new version of the product. It seems that I will get an opportunity at PDC as well,InfoView 2.0 at PDC 05

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