Friday, January 07, 2005

Content Management Standard edition - 15-user problem

Thanks a lot Joel Ward for pointing to the solution and Angus Logan for bringing it up in the newsgroups. We experienced the same issue, just a couple of weeks ago....

Content Management Server is delivered in different editions - standard, development and enterprise edition. One of the limitations of the standard edition is that you can only define 15 different users for the different roles ( author,editor, moderator,...) - well at least that is how we saw it. How does it work out of the box in CMS standard edition, you can assign 15 users to a certain role, but once you try to add one of these users to another role you get a nice little error messager "the operation could not be completed because it would put the server in violation of the Standard Edition Licence restrictions". Fortunately this seems to be a bug which can be fixed by applying a hotfix, check out - you cannot assign users to a rights group after 15 different users have been assigned to that rights group in Content Management Server 2002.

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