Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Reporting services webparts - a short synopsis

First rumours about webpart support for reporting services started november 2004, well you can actually try it out now with the release of Reporting Services SP2 beta. In the meanwhile you should definitely check out the alternative from Bryant Likes - Reporting Services webparts - Part I and Reporting services webparts - a walkthrough.

Meanwhile Patrick wrote something about the newly released BI Portal which also incorporate report browsers. Jan took a look at the webparts in Reporting services SP2 and wasn't convinced. (By the way Jan and Patrick, I know a cool thing I want to see at DevDays ... adding print capabilities to the dataview webpart with the use of WordML...)

I definitely should find some time to take a look at these things, BI and SharePoint sounds like an interesting combination (For people interested in business balanced scorecard, check out the SharePoint Balanced ScoreCard Accelerator)

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