Saturday, January 22, 2005

New SharePoint and CMS resources and linksro

Here we go:
  • Placeholder from Authentic 2005 (Altova) to replace the standard XML placeholder in CMS

  • Trial versions of CMDocSafe and SPS Research Master, enhancements for SharePoint Portal Server

  • Discussion about the CMS vNext from Mark Harrison, Spencer says 'Grrrr... My take on the MCMS vNext shambles.' and Patrick Gaul "Tells Tony" about MCMS's future & more ... and Andrew Connell.

  • MondoSoft webservice search kit(MondoSoft offers a search solution for plain vanilla and CMS websites)

  • Tool to get dependency reports for resource gallery items(CMS related)

  • SharePoint query builder tool

  • Site inspector : tool you can use to take a look at the internals of all the fields and forms on a SharePoint page

  • SPS Backup and restore sample : Sample code which showcases all the steps for backing up SPS2003 or WSS sites

  • Office 2003 XML reference schemas

  • Medium business solutions guide for Collaboration (Microsoft whitepaper)

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