Tuesday, January 11, 2005

About blogs and forums

Ken just migrated most of his blogcontent into a forum, ...

Why:"A forum is much easier to interact than a blog. So I've created a forum based on Snitz Forum 2000. Registration is only required when you want to post yourself, but it's completely free. Your emailaddress will not be outsourced or used for advertising! See you soon? "

Well, it all depends of what you are using your blog for,... I still think that blogs have a lot of value especially because of the exposure through XML feeds, unfortunately this is still a widely unknown feature. Most people still use a browser to read blogs instead of a feed aggregator ( Read the summary of The state of blogging from the Pew Internet and Amercian Life Project - only 5% of internet users use a feed aggregator). Eric Peterson from Jupiter Research has a nice comment about this as well, What will it take to push RSS into the mainstream?

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