Sunday, January 23, 2005

Miscellaneous links and cool utilities

  • [WebCast] The Elixir and Alchemy projects - Outlook Integration with Siebel at Microsoft

  • SourceTree - Explorer addin for developers

  • ieHttpHeaders - another explorer addin

  • RSS Popper - RSS/ATOM/RDF news aggregator that delivers news to Outlook.

  • SharePoint Menu - Tree control replacement for QuickLaunch menu in SharePoint

  • SAP's Portal Development Kit for VS.Net 2003

  • MSDN TV - Write connected apps with System.Net in Visual Studio 2005

  • Auto archive distribution list messages to a SharePoint Library for searching.

  • IFilter shop - Collection of iFilters for CHM, Inventor, zip files and many more

  • Scobbles corporate blogging manifesto

  • Microsoft WSS resource center

  • Scott's List of Ultimate Visual Studio.NET AddIns

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