Saturday, June 18, 2005

More about SharePoint and Lotus integration/migration

Michael Greth posted an item about SharePoint und Lotus Notes, here are some other usefull links for those of you who need to know more about migrating or integrating Lotus with SharePoint:
  • Coexistence between Lotus Domino and a SharePoint Portal Server 2003

  • Lotus Notes coexistence with Exchange and .Net (HP presentation - very marketing oriented, lots of FUD...)

  • Proposion - integrating lotus notes with Microsoft.Net

  • SharePoint webparts for Lotus

  • SharePoint migration tools (also for Lotus)

  • Microsoft Application Analyzer 2003 for Lotus Notes


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    Deeptyranjan Mohanty said...


    The following link is not working

    SharePoint webparts for Lotus

    jopx said...

    I think the firm went out of business ... I don't find any reference abut it anymore ...