Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Add a SharePoint document library to the "My Places bar"

A very easy but usefull trick:
In Office XP and Office 2003, the My Places bar appears in the left pane of the Open and Save As dialog boxes in Office XP programs. If you open a word document from a document library and you click File>Save As... the Save As dialog opens. Now you can click in top of the Save as dialog Tools > "Add to My Places". From now on you can immediately save a document to this document library by selecting the appropriate icon in the My Places bar without having to go through the list of Network Places

1 comment:

Greg said...

VERY Nice...
Think MS could have hidden that neat feature any better? ;)

BTW, the Word 2003 Open dialog -> Tools also has the "Add to 'My Places'" option.

Thanks for posting this tip, I'm already hooked on using it... :)