Saturday, April 09, 2005

Alerts in SharePoint Portal Server and Windows SharePoint Services

SharePoint Portal Server (SPS) and Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) both have their own mechanism for alerts. Here is a listing of the differences:

Windows SharePoint Services:
  • You an add alerts on lists, list items, document libraries and documents.

  • Alerts can only be send by e-mail

  • Alerts are managed on a site level basis - users can change their alerts by going to "Site Settings" > "My alerts on this site"

    SharePoint Portal Server:
  • You can add alerts for people, site directory, news, areas, topics, search queries, documents, and backward-compatible document libraries.

  • Alerts can be send by e-mail and are displayed in the "My alerts" webpart on the "My site" - this webpart will only list the Portal alerts and not the ones you have created in WSS

  • You can manage the alerts from "Manage my alerts" on "My site"

  • There is however another place where you can manage your alerts just got to Outlook 2003. In the menubar you will find underneath Tools > Rules and alerts .... a place where you can delete exitsting alerts or even add new alerts.

  • Alert Me: Parameters Passed to SearchAlertType.GetAlertCreationLink()

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