Sunday, April 03, 2005

SharePoint on GotdotNet

Gotdotnet has a nice collection of SharePoint tools and code samples as well:
  • SharePoint Query Builder Tool - Windows forms based tool which allows you to connect to a portal and create search queries in a easy way.

  • Extending and enhancing the SharePoint Portal Server User Interface - Code samples
  • SharePoint List Browser/Copier Demo Application - An example of what can be done using a WinForms smart client to access SharePoint sites via SOAP.
  • Upload a file to a SharePoint library via the FrontPage RPC protocol - Example of how to upload a file to a SharePoint library via the FrontPage RPC protocol, including check-in and the setting of custom metadata.
  • SharePoint Document Library Event Handler for Parsing JPEG Images - Source code for a SharePoint document library event handler that parses JPEG images, extracts their EXIF properties, then updates entries with those properties,modifying the libraries' fields accordingly if needed.
  • What's New Web Part for SharePoint Sites -
    Source code for a Web Part that walks through an entire site using the WSS object model and returns the most recently changed entries.

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