Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Vignette Portal 7.2 and SharePoint

It seems that this release has all the things I actually want for SharePoint Portal Server -
  • The adoption of standards JSR 168 & WSRP - I know there is a WSRP toolkit for SharePoint on gotdotnet but never tried it ...
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  • Enhanced out-of-the-box search capabilities that allow users to query a wide range of internal and external data sources - Hey SharePoint can already do this - but more control over the search engine would be nice

  • Improved personalization. - SharePoint already has some nice personalisation features - I however think that multilanguage are definitely a part of personalisation ... unfortunately SharePoint is not pretty good at multilingual scenarios

  • Improved & tightly integrated content management system. - What can I say Spark just doesn't go far enough and is more or less a hack....

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