Tuesday, May 17, 2005

InfoPath - third party tools

One of the major shortcomings of InfoPath is the fact that you need a full blown InfoPath on every client which needs to fill in a form. I guess that this is one of the major reasons why InfoPath hasn't really taken of as a new electronic forms solution. There are however some vendors which sell solutions to solve the full client problem:
  • AchieveForms

  • InfoView

  • NetXPert InfoScope

  • There is also a nice article from Microsoft called Sharing InfoPath forms with users who do not have InfoPath...


    Arno Nel [Sharepoint MVP] said...

    we also have a product "VisionForms", check it out here www.nvisionit.co.za

    Anonymous said...

    The compagny Autonomy Systems produce is solution, too. And a lot of other add-in for Infopath.

    Go on : www.infopathdev.com