Monday, January 10, 2011

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One of my predictions for 2011 is that we will finally witness the boom or bust of social media apps within the enterprise for the Belux market. Here’s some background info that might get you thinking

This is one of my pet peeves  about which I have written a couple of blog posts:

Web Content Management in SharePoint 2010 – some random links

Mental reminder – check out this collection of links about Web Content Management in SharePoint 2010

Porting oAuth with Silverlight for Windows Phone 7 to RTM version

Recently I stumbled upon this interesting blog post Windows Phone 7 with Twitter which showed how to use oAuth on Windows Phone 7 but it was unfortunately built with the beta versions of Windows Phone 7. As an exercise I decided to upgrade the code to get it to work with the RTM release.

Some things which needed fixing or which bugged me during the upgrade

  • You will need to remove references to Microsoft.Phone.Controls, Microsoft.Phone.Controls.Navigation, Microsoft.Phone.Controls.WebBrowser, Microsoft.Controls.WebBrowser.interop. Don’t forget to to change the namespace declarations in the XAML files as well.
  • Add a reference to Microsoft.Phone assembly – all the previous dll’s have been combined into one dll.
  • Be carefull about some changes in the APIs - WebBrowser is now a sealed class. You cannot inherit from it. IsScriptEnabled, Source, and Base are now dependency properties. NavigatedEventArgs change to NavigationEventArgs.

  • Changes have been made to WMAppManifest.xml - – you can find this xml underneath the properties folder in your project

    This will probably get you going … have fun

  • Tips to get the Social sample for SharePoint 2010 to work

    There’s an interesting code sample that you can download from MSDN called SharePoint to LinkedIn Connector which is part of the Microsoft SharePoint 2010 SDK. Here’s a number of extra steps that I took to get it to work on my SharePoint 2010 dev box.

    Some tips:

    • I needed to add a reference to Microsoft.SharePoint.ApplicationPages.dll assembly – you can find it underneath C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\14\CONFIG\ADMINBIN.
    • It has a hard coded reference to http://mysite in the feature activated event receiver – don’t forget to change that.
    • During deployment I got an error stating - “No User Profile Application available to service the request. Contact your farm administrator.” – thankfully Steve to the rescue – “No User Profile Application Available Mystery” in SharePoint 2010

    After that everything worked smoothly.