Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Enterprise 2.0 and organizational culture

Enterprise 2.0 is probably one of these buzz words you have heard a lot lately. It is also a term which is surrounded by confusion. The simplest definition of Enterprise 2.0 would probably be "...the application of Web 2.0 technologies in the enterprise." . This is similar to the definition which has been put forward by AIIM in one of their studies recently.

Enterprise 2.0: A system of web-based technologies that provide rapid and agile collaboration, sharing, emergence and integration capabilities in the extended enterprise.

Another cool one - probably my favourite:

Enterprise 2.0 is about empowering your end users to connect and collaborate.

Now let's talk about the key thoughts in the presentation.  The red line in the presentation is the link between organizational culture and Enterprise 2.0. But  what is not clear is whether your organizaiton needs a "culture of collaboration" to successfully use wikis and other Enterprise 2.0 tools or that these tools can enable your organization to embrace a "culture of collaboration".

This might seem like the chicken-and-the-egg problem ... 

I think that you will first need to create a mindset within your company which is ready to embrace collaboration and knowledge sharing before you can start thinking about Enterprise 2.0 - a view which is confirmed by this guy  - Enterprise 2.0 - Culture required?  But on the other hand for those people in your company who get it, you want to provide the necessary tools - so you might want to take a look at a platform which might already be present in your company - guess which one? SharePoint offcourse  ... LOL.

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