Sunday, July 15, 2012

Results of first Belgian SharePoint User Adoption Survey

A couple of months ago two university students organized a survey around SharePoint User Adoption in Belgium. The results are now in and with over 130 respondents it gives a interesting view upon how SharePoint deployments are perceived in Belgium. The full report is only available in Dutch but here are some interesting facts and numbers that I want to share:

  • The majority of the respondents are satisfied with the deployment of SharePoint within their organization (73 % indicates to be satisfied or very satisfied)
  • SharePoint is used in organizations of all sizes within Belgium – 56% of the respondents are however working in organizations of over 1000 employees.
  • 44,3% of respondents have been using SharePoint for over 5 years and another 37,1% of the respondents have deployed SharePoint between 3 and 4 years ago.
  • 68% of the respondents are using SharePoint Server 2010 which points at a relatively high adoption rate.
  • 71,8% of respondents are using SharePoint enterprise wide
  • Document management functionality underused – still considered as a collaboration solution.
  • The three most challenging issues with SharePoint implementations are the following:
            • Limited governance policies, coordination and commitment (17,06%).
            • (Lack of) end user adoption and training (17,61%). This is again re-iterated when 55,7% of respondents answer that there is no (formal) SharePoint training program in place.
            • Limited or lack of SharePoint strategy in business or IT (16,46%)
    • Cloud-based/hosted deployments still seem very limited – only 23,8% of respondents indicate that they have deployed a cloud based solution or that they are thinking about implementing a cloud based deployment of SharePoint. 38% indicates that they will not implement a cloud based solution due to specific limitations and another 28,6% answer that they deployed SharePoint on-premise and that they are not considering moving to a cloud-based/hosted solutions.

The full report is available as well – Onderzoek naar de tevredenheid en implementatie van SharePoint in BelgiĆ« (Available in Dutch only)

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