Thursday, September 23, 2004

CMS search with Mondosoft

We started a CMS project a couple of weeks ago which needed some search functionality, so we decided to go for Mondosearch from Mondosoft. I really like some things about this this product:

  • All the functionality is completely programmable in .Net
  • It works very fast

  • The administration console is easy to use and completely webbased
  • Support from mondosoft is excellent - I got a response by email for a problem in less than 15 minutes... amazing

There are however some downsides as well:

  • The price tag is pretty steep

  • When you make some configuration errors - your code will crash with not so helpfull error messages

  • You have to change a lot of security settings to make the product work

  • The information in the knowledgebase on their site needs some updating

In the next couple of postings I will explain some issues we ran into.

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