Friday, October 08, 2004

CMS ODBC error - the solution

A week or 2 ago, we ran into a strange error when accessing the homepage of our CMS site, especially when we refreshed the page a couple of times in a row.

Exception details:
" System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException: Server ODBC error. Contact the site administrator."
Stack Trace :
[COMException (0x80041b67): Server ODBC error. Contact the site administrator.]
Microsoft.ContentManagement.Interop.Publishing.IRcwPosting.__BeginWrite(Boolean ignoreMarkedForActions) +0
Microsoft.ContentManagement.Publishing.Posting.BeginWrite(Boolean ignoreMarkForActions) +47

Today I noticed the following blog posting about the mystery ODBC error on the blog of Mei Ying. The solution seems quite trivial but its something we tend to forget quite easily : if you use CMSApplicationContext in your code, call the dispose method when you have finished using it.

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