Monday, October 03, 2005

IBF 2.0

Got this from the slides of Mauro Cardarelli:
In calendar 2005, Microsoft plans to deliver version 2.0 of IBF, which will add support for SharePoint Portal Server Web parts and Visual Studio Tools for Office integration. By the time Longhorn ships (2006+), Microsoft is planning to embed version 3.0 right into the operating system. IBF is an SO (Service Oriented) client built on SO principles: XML schema and WSDL contract driven, loosely coupled, explicit boundaries.

Some other thoughts about IBF:
  • IBF has a new brother, here comes BDC - Business Data Catalog

  • IBF vs VSTO 2005


    Anonymous said...

    In fairness to the content, I mentioned in the presentation that this quote came from but I have not seen anything to validate it. My point was highlight the "mystery" around IBF's future...

    -- Mauro

    jopx said...

    Too bad,... I really expect much of a next version - IBF is a very nice concept - but the developer experience is not really good even with the enhancements made in IBF1.5