Friday, December 09, 2005

Belgian geek dinner with Scoble

Yesterday's Geek dinner, definitely was different from the previous one I attended and not only because I met Robert Scoble.... Quite a different audience, most of them joked around about the evil empire Microsoft - but the conversation was quite interesting:
  • It seemed that I missed a big blog conference in Paris called Les Blogs 2.0 - with a interesting story about Mena Trott, president of Six Apart, and Ben Metcalfe - Read more about it here - Handbags at Les Blogs 2.0

  • Interesting comment from Smetty (yes she did kiss Scoble)about podcasts - "They are only mp3s which you put on your blog..." - I can't agree about it more...

  • You can actually get a degree in "Interactive marketing",... ask this guy.

  • Scoble agreed with the fact that most companies still seem to be quite reluctant towards using blogs as a communication medium...

  • Jelle and Scoble had a funny conversation talking about Rory Blyth -Neopoleon- ... I' m not going to give any more details, maybe Jelle will.

  • There seems to be a pretty big community of Belgian bloggers - here's a list of some which I met yesterday:

    Blogologie (10) [Maarten]
    Coolz0r - Marketing Thoughts
    Doppler : Redefining podcasting
    net | log
    Smetty's Soapbox [Cindy De Smet]

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