Monday, December 04, 2006

SharePoint 2007 workflow development

The number of online resources about workflow development on the SharePoint platform is finally increasing. If you want to start doing workflow development on MOSS 2007 yourself, you will first need to download the next two resources:


First start of by reading about the basics of workflow in WSS and MOSS:

Understanding Workflow in Windows SharePoint Services V3 and the 2007 Microsoft Office system

Developer Introduction to Workflows for Windows SharePoint Services V3 and SharePoint Server 2007

Introduction to SharePoint Workflow


Also take a look at the series of workflow articles by Eilene Hao on the SharePoint Blog - these are a must read:

Developing workflows in VS: Part 1 - Workflow objects and a crash course on mechanics

Developing workflows in VS: Part 2 - Planning your workflow : two things to keep in mind

Developing workflows in VS: Part 3 - Five steps for developing your workflow

Developing workflows in VS : Part 4 - Design and bind your forms

Developing Workflows in VS: Part 5 - Code Your Workflow

Developing Workflows in VS: Part 6 - Deploy and Debug your workflow

Developing Workflows in VS: Part 7 - Summary and Final Thoughts


Some other resources:

Workflow Activities for Windows SharePoint Services Overview

How Windows SharePoint Services Processes Workflow Activities 

Workflow Initialization in Windows SharePoint Services 

InfoPath Forms for Workflows 

Windows Workflow Foundation

Walkthrough: Using the SharePoint Server 2007 Approval Workflow

Workflow Tips (Part II - Collect Feedback)

Workflow Tips (Part I - Configurable Approvers)

A WorkFlow that Uploads a Document via a Task using an InfoPath Form

Creating Workflows for Windows SharePoint Services  (Virtual Lab)

Creating Custom Workflows with SharePoint Designer 2007  (Webcast) 


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