Thursday, April 19, 2007

SharePoint article series - Business Data Catalog

One of our new SharePoint interns - Sven -  called this "the most powerfull feature in SharePoint" and I have to agree. When I saw the first demos from Business Data Catalog back at PDC in september 2005  (check out my post - IBF has a new brother - here comes BDC, Business Data Catalog), I was thrilled to finally see an easy way to integrate backend data into SharePoint Server 2007. For those who haven't done any BDC development - take a look at this article series from Sahil:

By the way, there finally is some clarity about the future of IBF (Information Bridge Framework) - Microsoft is suggesting customers not to invest in IBF anymore since LOBi is the way forward and it will replace IBF in the Office14 timeframe - for more info, take a look at Update on LOBi Services and IBF


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