Monday, July 13, 2009

SharePoint 2010 – Sneak preview videos – Overview Sneak peek video

Microsoft just released some sneak preview content about SharePOint 2010 . Definitely take a look at SharePoint 2010 - Overview Sneak Peek Video – by Thomas Rizzo.

Some key takeaways:

  1. The core business value proposition - “The business collaboration platform for the Enterprise and the Web”
  2. Quote - “We have taken a bunch of the great technology that FAST has and combined it with SharePoint technology to provide a rich, reliable, highly scalable search within SharePoint”
  3. SharePoint 2010 has a ribbon interface which is customizable and contextual – this means you will get an extra Library Tools Tab when you are in a SharePoint document library. If you don’t like it you can still remove the ribbon.
  4. Multiple item operations – check out the video – way cool.
  5. Fluent user interface through complete assynchronous operations support
  6. Direct web edit with live preview (similar to the office client) – again take a look at the video’s – definitely a killer feature. Common things such as changing images and text on a site is a lot easier.
  7. SharePoint 2010 out of the box Silverlight web part
  8. Apply PowerPoint theme to SharePoint sites to change the look and feel
  9. Publish Visio diagrams directly to SharePoint and open them within the browser without the need to have a Visio client installed – it even works for data-driven Visio diagrams
  10. Quote - “SharePoint Business Connectivity Services (BCS) – you can think of it as an evolution of the Business Data Catalog” – with support for read/write. From within SharePoint Designer 2010 you will see a new concept called Entities to handle back-end integration. SharePoint provides seemless integration with back-end systems – so database tables can be surfaced within SharePoint and will look exactly the same as any other SharePoint list. And it even works within Office.
  11. SharePoint Workspace – the new Groove – again with support for SharePoint BCS – amazing – you can actually edit data from your backend system offline and synchronize it back. So you actually get offline data editing capabilities for free with SharePoint Workspace
  12. Also check out the video editing within Powerpoint in the last demo….

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