Monday, November 07, 2011

Presenting SharePoint 2010 - to pie or not to pie?

I recently found an interesting discussion about the SharePoint pie – to pie or not to pie?  Most of you have probably use the image depicted below in presentations to potential customers – but is that such a good idea?

Here are some of my ideas about this:

  • The SharePoint 2010 pie makes sense to talk to technical people who have worked with previous versions of SharePoint – also check out this one – Making sense of the SharePoint 2010 pie
  • It is probably not the pie that matters but the story behind it – the translation to the business context of a specific customer which makes a difference - an excellent article about this is Effectively communicate the power of SharePoint to a business audience
  • I haven’t found a comparable compelling graphic yet to explain such a diverse product (or platform) such as SharePoint – so I will probably still be using it for quite a while.
  • The terms used within the pie such as composites, insights are probably not known with business users but they are commonly used by all SharePoint professionals so it makes it for customers  sometimes a little simpler to compare consultants and their sales pitch.

Please leave a comment with your idea about this or fill in this poll

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