Monday, October 01, 2012

Nominated as SharePoint MVP for 2012

I just got the news that I have been renewed as SharePoint Server MVP. I became a SharePoint MVP in 2005 – so this is my 8th year in a row as SharePoint MVP – back in 2005 there were only a handful of SharePoint MVPs and I’m forever grateful to Patrick Tisseghem for introducing me into the wonderful world of SharePoint – without him there wouldn’t be such a vibrant SharePoint community here in Belgium.

There’s a lot of buzz out there with the re-launch of the Belux Information Worker User group – BIWUG – don’t forget to register on to stay up to date with the latest SharePoint information – there are a lot of interesting sessions planned in the coming months.

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Mary said...

Congratulations Joris!

Well-Deserved. I am a big fan of your posts. Nevertheless, Please write a bit more about SP2013 for beginners (Like me ;)).