Friday, December 21, 2012

Unable to use Windows Phone 8 Emulator without SLAT support

After installing the Windows Phone 8 SDK I got an error stating that hardware virtualization was not supported on my machine therefore I could not use the emulator.

Apparently there are two requirements for your machine to meet to support the Windows Phone 8 emulator:

  • Support for hardware virtualization in the form of either Intel-Virtualization Technology (Intel-VT) or AMD-V (also called SVM)
  • Support for Second Level Address Translation (SLAT) – see How to Check if your CPU supports SLAT – on Intel CPUs this is also called Extended Pages Tables.

This is caused by the fact that the Windows Phone 8 Emulator is using the client version of Hyper-V (which ships with Windows 8 client OS) which requires SLAT. The Hyper-V server does not.

Because I don’t have a Windows Phone 8 device on hand – I’m pretty much stuck building Windows Phone 7.1 apps.

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