Thursday, March 21, 2013

Drag and drop files into a SharePoint 2013 document library depends on installed browser and Office version


Drag and drop in SharePoint 2013 is supported by the drag and drop feature in HTML 5 (for an interesting overview of browser support for HTML5 check out ). Unfortunately this is not supported in Internet Explorer 8.x and Internet Explorer 9.x but when you install Office 2013 it will add an extra ActiveX control which will support drag and drop. So if you don’t have Office 2013 installed you will not be able to use this nice feature (An interesting hack around this is installing SharePoint Designer 2013 but this is something you probably don’t want to do for your end users).  Mozilla Firefox 3.5 (or later), Google Chrome and Safari 5.x (or later) seem to support this out of the box.

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Dave Kuehling said...

I found in my testing I had to do a combination of things to get the issues fully resolved.

Installed the SharePoint Foundation Support from Designer 2013 only. Can also get these bits from SkyDrive Pro install. This enabled the drag and drop feature, but broke the ability to open office documents directly from the library.

Installing Office 2010 SP2 was needed to fix the broken office document issue from the step above.

Then had to copy the OWSSUPP.DLL from the Office15 folder to Office14. While the Drag and Drop option was there, I found it did not fully upload the file until this DLL was changed out. Called the original file OWSSUPP.DLL.OLD before doing the copy.

Did one last reboot to pick up the new DLL, then everything worked as expected, Drag and Drop as well as opening and saving documents with Office.

Dave Kuehling