Monday, August 19, 2013

Create a mapping to the SharePoint 2013 master page gallery on Windows Server 2012

SharePoint Server 2013 allows you to use your design tool of choice (Microsoft Expression, NotePad++, Dreamweaver, etc…) to create a new look and feel for your SharePoint 2013 environment (Check out this excellent post from Steve Peschka – Using Dreamweaver and Design Manager with SharePoint 2013 )

The look and feel of a SharePoint site is defined by a number of different artifacts and most of these are stored in the SharePoint master page gallery. One of the changes that Microsoft has introduced  to allow for this choice of design tools is to provide WebDAV support for the SharePoint Master Page Gallery (See Master pages, the Master Page Gallery and page layouts in SharePoint 2013 on MSDN for more background info)

If you are a SharePoint developer – you are probably working on the SharePoint Server itself (either Windows 2008 R2 or Windows Server 2012) and to make this integration available you will first need to activate the Desktop Experience feature on the server. On Windows Server 2012 this feature is visible underneath User Interface and infrastructure

After installing the Desktop Experience (this will require a reboot) you can simply open the SharePoint 2013 master page gallery in Windows Explorer.

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