Wednesday, March 04, 2015

BIWUG session on advanced integration between SharePoint Online and Yammer

On the 19th of March BIWUG ( is organizing its next session – don’t forget to register for BIWUG1903 – we have planned a great speaker and an interesting session

Advanced integration between SharePoint Online and Yammer using Yammer Apps (Speaker: Stephane Eyskens, SharePoint Technical Architect - )

First things first, the session will start describing what are the required steps to bind an Office 365 Tenant with an Enteprise Domain, how to federate on-premises users with Office 365 in order to have a SSO in place and how to bind Yammer to the Office 365 Tenant. Next, developers will learn how to leverage the Yammer App Model in order to build deeper integration between SPO(+on-prem) and Yammer. Business scenarios such as leveraging Yammer's Open Graph in SPO Workflows and associating Yammer Groups to SPO Team sites (& groups) will be covered. Security aspects will be discussed as well : from acting on behalf of a user with his consent to impersonating it completely, we'll see how to manage tokens and discuss some best practices.

Intended audience: The session is primarily intended for developers.

Key benefits: After this session, developers should have a good visibility on how to go beyond the OOTB Yammer App integration with
SPO and what Open Graph is all about.

Also thanks to Xylos for hosting this session

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