Thursday, October 08, 2015

Understanding non-interactive users in Dynamics CRM Online

A non-interactive user is a user account in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online that will only be used for programmatic access to CRM (using the web services layer) such as as for integration with an ERP system or other LOB systems. A non-interactive user can not use the user interface. You can create up to  5 free non-interactive user accounts in Dynamics CRM Online.
The benefit of doing so is that non-interactive users do not require a license. Go to Settings>Security>Users – on the Administration tab, you will see the Access mode for a specific user – in Dynamics CRM Online you will see the 3 different types of access modes.

Non-interactive users are apparently something specific for Dynamics CRM Online – if you open the same screen in Dynamics CRM 2015 – you don’t see the non-interactive access mode option.

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Unknown said...

Hi Joris,
thanks for the update, also have a look at "Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 On-Premises Licensing and Pricing Guide" found here:

Probably you can leverage this for "Access by External Users".
Important to note, this does not forfeit the requirement for internal users to have an appropriate license, see "Access by Internal Users", note:

A Microsoft Dynamics CRM User is defined as any user who accesses the Microsoft Dynamics CRM server, files, data content or “Microsoft Dynamics CRM functionality”. “Microsoft Dynamics CRM functionality” is any service or
feature of Microsoft Dynamics CRM that allows a user to view, manipulate, input, query, or otherwise structure “live data”. “Live data” is information that, via user action, dynamically writes to or reads from (or synchronizes with)
Microsoft Dynamics CRM, whether it is accessed directly or indirectly. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Users are required to have the appropriate client accesses licenses, regardless of their direct or indirect connection to the product."

Best regards,