Thursday, January 07, 2016

Problem with filled Maps (choropleths) in Power BI for Belgian provinces

Update 2016/02/06: Thanks to the Power BI team feedback – I managed to get this working correctly – check out Using filled maps in Microsoft Power BI for provinces, regions and counties in European countries for the explanation.

A couple of weeks ago I wanted to try out the new filled map functionality (also referred to as choropleth) in Power BI ( See Tutorial: Filled Maps (Choropleths) in Power BI) – I wanted to start with a very simple data set

Province Dutch name French name Capital Surface Population
Antwerp Antwerpen Anvers Antwerpen 2860 1813282
East-Flanders Oost-Vlaanderen Flandre orientale Gent 2982 1477346
Flemish Brabant Vlaams-Brabant Brabant flamand Leuven 2106 1114299
Limburg Limburg Limbourg Hasselt 2414 860204
West-Flanders West-Vlaanderen Flandre occidentale Brugge 3151 1178996
Hainaut Henegouwen Hainaut Mons 3800 1335360
Liège Luik Liège Liège 3844 1094791
Luxembourg Luxemburg Luxembourg Arlon 4443 278748
Namur Namen Namur Namur 3664 487145
Brabant-Walloon Waals-Brabant Brabant wallon Wavre 1093 393700

Unfortunately I could not get the filled map to display correctly – I tried the province names in three different languages but nothing seemed to work.

According to Bing Maps Geographic Coverage – geocoding precision for Belgium should be fairly good. What are your experieces with this – do filled maps work correctly for provinces/regions outside of US? Leave a comment.

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