Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Ignite 2016 slidedeck and video downloader


Microsoft Ignite is one of the biggest Microsoft conferences in the year with over 700 different sessions over the course of 5 days so it is quite impossible to attend all sessions. Luckily Microsoft provides a recording of most of the sessions on Channel 9 | Microsoft Ignite 2016 and for those of you who would like to get an offline copy of all the different sessions as well as the PowerPoint decks – take a look at  the Powershell script – Ignite 2016 slidedeck and video downloader  - if you want to download only the powerpoint decks you can use the command  -  .\Ignite2016Downloader.ps1 -NoVideos -DownloadFolder d:\Ignite2016 ,  this is already 12,5 GB.

Here’s my watchlist for the next couple of weeks:

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