Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Organization Insights for Dynamics 365

This new Organization Insights solution provides you with a number of interesting insights and metrics about your CRM instance (aka organization) such as entities which are being used, the storage used by different tables, user activity, system job activity, plugin statistics and API call statistics.  It currently is available as a preview feature in the December 2016 update can be installed separately from the AppSource . This solution provides more detailed information than the Organization Insights dashboard which is included by default in a Dynamics 365 December 2016 Update instance.

One of the new interesting dashboards which is part of this soltuion is the storage dashboard which provides information about the storage used by your tenant and the different CRM instances (or organizations). This dashboard displays total storage and storage per tenant, a breakdown of the top 10 largest tables by size and row count in the current instance and information about common tables  - tables which contain records which can be linked to different types of records such as attachments, audit logs (auditbase) and asyncoperationbase (this table tracks your asynchronous processing job execution (system jobs, workflows, plug-ins, etc). 

A Dynamics 365 Plan 1 application subscription includes by default 10 GB database storage and additional storage is added at a rate of 5GB for every 20 full users – storage is accrued but there is a technical limit of 5TB (For more details see the Dynamics 365 Licensing Guide). It also is possible to purchase additional storage at a price per GB/month.  For those of you who are still using Dynamics CRM Online licenses, will have 5 GB standard storage and 2.5 GB extra per 20 professional users (capped at 50 GB - for more details see the Dynamics CRM Online Licensing Guide)

So it is important to analyze and clear space in Dynamics 365 as outlined in this post – which also suggests a free Dynamics CRM Online  & Dynamics 365 storage space analyzer solution that you can install.


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