Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Dynamics 365 Organization Insights revamped - welcome Common Data Service App Analytics

I’m a big fan Dynamics 365 Organization Insights and I have been using for more than a year now  since it was released in February 2017.   Organization Insights provides a number of key statistics about the usage, activity and quality of service (failing API calls, plugin execution failures, etc…) for your Dynamics 365 (online) instance.  A couple of weeks ago Microsoft moved the Organization Insights functionality to the new Power Platform Admin Center . You will find the Organization Insights dashboards by selecting Analytics in the left navigation bar and selecting Common Data Service for Apps.  The analytics for Common Data Service for Apps provides more detailed information and also allows you to filter and download the information in CSV format. The filter functionality allows you to select the specific instance for which you want to see information as well as see define a time frame for which you want to see information.

Please remember that the new Power Platform Admin Center is currently still in preview, so you might stumble upon some quirks but overall I like it a lot. For more information read the Microsoft documentation at Use the Organization Insights Solution to view metrics about your instance

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