Tuesday, November 01, 2005

BIWUG - 3d Meeting 9th november

For those of you into Information Worker stuff and living in Belgium or the Netherlands - I can definitely recommend the monthly BIWUG meetings. In the first I talked about IW stuff at PDC (Presentation available here). In the second meeting we had demos of Groove and K2.Net. On the 9th of november we have another exciting meeting coming up:

Here is the agenda:

18.00 - 18.35 Registration + Meet the President
18:35 - 19:15 Presentation VSTO - BJ Holtgrewe – Senior Product Manager (Microsoft Corp.)
19.15 - 20.00 Presentation “Son of SmartPart” (aka SmartPart vNext) - Jan Tielens/Patrick Tisseghem
20.00 - 21:00 Round the Table
21.00 - ... Drink

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