Friday, March 17, 2006

Security - a process based holistic approach

I have to say that I'm no different from other developers - so the first thing I thought when seeing that a presentation was scheduled about security was "YUK...". Fortunately, the presentation was done by Rafal Lukawiecki, and it definitely was worthwile - you can also see the session on Process based holistic security on MSDN Showtime - or download the presentation

We took a look at 3 different frameworks:
  • Octave and OctaveS

  • Simplified security risk analysis

  • Formal threat analysis

  • One interesting statement was definitely the one about the cost of security - "Security is very expensive, it will typically cost between 20 and 60% of development effort". To justify this kind of cost, there actually are some measurements you can use, one of them is ROSI (Return On Security Investment). There also is a way you can quantify risk which is pretty straightforward and which will work very nicely when you are working with customers in the financial or investment sector. Security implies a certain risk so as with any other risk you should look at the cost for getting an assurance to protect against the event in which the risk might occur.

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