Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Workflow Foundation Beta2 - a synopsis of the past 2 months

I did some work with the Workflow Beta1 and I definitely liked it - I'm trying to catch up with the things which have changed in Beta2 - so here comes my list of handy links. Also note that both WCF and WF Beta 2 come with a Go Live license.

  • Workflow Foundation Beta2 Installation instructions

  • WFPad application for WF beta 2 - Mark Schmidt has updated his WFPad application for beta 2, this app allows you to edit XAML in text view or with the workflow deisnger.

  • Workflow Foundation beta 2 download

  • Workflow foundation upgrade document

  • Using data driven workflow activities and repeated correlation

  • Long Running Activity example

  • Parameters into a workflow

  • Introduction to the Windows Workflow Foundation rules engine

  • Technical introduction to workflow foundation

  • Understanding the lifecycle of a workflow

  • Update: I noticed a new version of Workflow Foundation is available now, say welcome to Workflow Foundation 2.2

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