Monday, April 24, 2006

SharePoint Portal Server 2003 and SQL Server 2005

I noticed a posting about the SharePoint Portal Server 2003 performance gains when using SQL Server 2005 as backend database - How do you fancy a 51% performance increase in SPS 2003? " and I decided to try it out - here is what I did:
  • Created a backup with SharePoint Portal Server backup and restore

  • Installed a named instance of SQL Server 2005 next to my existing SQL Server 2000

  • Disconnected the SQL databases from my current portal

  • Reconfigured my SharePoint Portal Server to use SQL 2005 Server

  • Performed a restore with SharePoint Portal Server 2003

  • PS The tests described in the posting - a 51% performance gain for a medium farm setup - is actually done on 64-bit machines. I'm wondering if anyone has some numbers for 32-bit.


    Anonymous said...

    Well did you experience a performance increase of any kind :)

    jopx said...

    I looked faster, ... but this could have been an optical illusion ;-) ...