Sunday, April 09, 2006

Top 10 IT Projects in 2006 and Microsoft Technologies

I just stumbled upon this interesting posting about the Top 10 IT projects in 2006 and Microsoft Technologies - if you read the posting, you will see that on number 5, you will find Collaboration - here's a small excerpt about it:

Collaboration is one of Microsofts biggest messages in 2006. Windows Vista will provide numerous enhancements for collaboration like Meeting Spaces a peer-to-peer application for document collaboration. Office Groove 2007 will provide a disconnected peer-to-peer collaboration solution for small teams that then integrates back into SharePoint. Exchange Server E12 will connect directly into SharePoint and will provide major enhancements for calendaring and messaging. Live Communications Server and Live Meeting Server (competitor to WebEx) will merge into a unified product allowing enterprises to host presentations, video conferencing, application sharing, and more with a single interface. Office SharePoint Server 2007 will be released at the end of the year with significant changes to the previous SharePoint architecture and will become a collaboration hub for teams, document management, compliance and retention, integration with E12, tighter integration with ISA 2006, project management, project portfolio management, Excel services, and online-based InfoPath forms. In addition to these changes in SharePoint, Office 2007 will have significant changes including direct integration into document management and SharePoint servers, integration with Meeting Spaces, and more.

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