Wednesday, July 05, 2006

SharePoint Community Kit (SCK) on CodePlex

I first saw it mentionned on Lawrence Liu his blog - early July (seems to be about now ...) the SharePoint Community Kit will be officially released - "at the most basic level, the SCK is a site template that enables practically anyone to create a community site on WSS V3. The standard edition will require nothing more than the OOTB web parts that come with WSS v3" ... I think this has a lot of potential - you can find more about this on Codeplex - SharePoint Community Kit where this project will be hosted since this is a community based initiative. There also is a SharePoint team site to support this initiative - go to where you can find the vision/scope document for the SCK.

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Wim Vanden Driessche said...

Misschien moeten we dit eens bekijken voor de BIWUG.