Thursday, June 29, 2006

Project GlidePath and Project Real

Stumbled today on Project GlidePath - Project Glidepath is a Microsoft-developed, community-supported, platform for building applications from web to desktop to mobile with one common denominator: Windows Vista.

Project Glidepath delivers workflow-based guidance, code, templates and other content via a software factory, a Visual Studio add-in, consisting of tools for building a product which is a member of a product family.

Another interesting initiative is Project Real which is a complete sample solution for Business Intelligence with Microsoft SQL Server 2005 - it includes
1. A set of instructions for setting up the environment
2. Guidance on how to explore the implementation
3. A sample relational data warehouse database (a subset of the Project REAL data warehouse)
4. A sample source database (from which we pull incremental updates)
5. SSIS packages that implement the ETL operations
6. An SSAS cube definition and scripts for processing the cube from the sample warehouse
7. Sample SSRS reports
8. Sample data mining models for predicting out-of-stock conditions in stores
9. Sample client views in briefing books for the Proclarity and Panorama BI front-end tools

Have fun with it ...

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