Monday, June 05, 2006

To pdf or not to pdf?

I guess this news is going around in all of the blogosphere - Microsoft has to remove its "save as pdf..." because Adobe seems to threaten with a lawsuit. I think it is still unclear what is the rationale behind this decision from Adobe... but this definitly seems like a dumb move especially since Open Office has implemented the same functionality and Adobe didn't complain about it either... I guess the title of Peters posting says it all - "Is Open Software not open for everyone?"

Here are some interesting posts about this topic:
  • Open XML formats: legal issues around PDF support- Definitely take a look at the comments, they are definitely an interesting read - also take a look at the follow up

  • Microsoft to Adobe: let's make a deal

  • Will Adobe take its Microsoft malcontent to the courtroom?

  • Slashdot on the Microsoft-Adobe stand off- Always fun to read to unbiased comments on slashdot ;-) ...

  • Microsoft, Adobe squabble over PDF

  • It's back

  • >Is Open Software not open for everyone?
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